Team Coaching

Team Coaching encompasses work which views a group as a true TEAM, a collective which seeks to move in positive directions by solving complexity by increased collaborative aspects from all stakeholders as opposed as groups in silos which seldom consider how one group affects the other.

What is PERILL?

The PERILL diagnostic provides a sophisticated overview not of discrete problems or simple strengths and weaknesses but of the complexity of the team systems. It asks questions across six influencing factors to draw connections between elements of the team system and how they might impact the team’s ability to function as a highly collaborative unit.

PERILL Lite – 30 Questions, 5 Questions in each pillar. Designed to explore TEAM Coaching for a deeper discussion of Complex Adaptive Systems and TEAM COACHING outcomes.

PERILL Full – 150 Questions. 25 Questions in each pillar. Designed for TEAM Coaching to achieve higher levels of collaborative efforts with Psychological Safety, Trust, Team Maturity, and Solving through Debate, Discussion, and Dialogue

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The 6 Pillars Of PERILL