M. Winn

As a parent of an athlete who is also a high functioning Aspergers child, it has been challenging to find a coach who will take the time to learn my child and what makes him work. Communication is hard for a child with Aspergers, and while my child is high functioning, this too was his hardest challenge. Let me start a few years ago. My child was advancing to the Elite group of swimmers on his swim team; at that time, Coach Jeff and My child did not communicate well. They didn’t know each other, and the wires were getting more tangled at each practice, which led to outbursts and no effective communication. It was very frustrating for both Coach Jeff and my son. Jeff asked if he could run an analysis on my son to see what communication and behavior style he was. This made all the difference as an entirely new world opened up between Jeff, and my son. He learned about himself as well as his father and me when we began to communicate more effectively. Jeff learned to communicate with him as walls began to disappear as the relationship grew in trust. Once this happened, a new relationship was discovered, and both were starting to see results they were looking for in and out of the pool. A once frustrated boy was now able to freely communicate and turn in to a great mentor, leader, and swimmer. Without this information, I feel this would not have happened.

My husband and I both did this analysis as well and felt we learned a bit about each other after sharing our results. We found our communication and relationship became stronger.

I would highly recommend this program and the guidance of Jeff’s services.