K. Nunez

DISC helped me to understand myself better such that I was able to succeed better as an athlete, student, and as a person. I got to see firsthand things that I could do better to help myself succeed more in all aspects of my life. Some of the things DISC showed me I already knew, like for example I knew I was detail oriented, but a lot of the information provided me with insight into myself that I had never really thought about before. Like how I can take what I already know about myself and use it to perform better in school and in athletics. It also gave my coach an insight in how to make sure he was coaching me in such a way that gave me the best opportunity for success. For example, I really prefer when meetings, practice, class etc. start and end on time so that I am able to manage my time most effectively, and when people are late or run meetings long it becomes really frustrating. Knowing this allowed my coach to adjust communication skills and scheduling so that it helped me a lot and I felt happier attending practice. Without the insight that DISC provided my environment would have been significantly less productive and there’s no way I would be as well adapted to myself as I am today.