D. Miller “Happy Mom”

Jeff Kincaid, as a coach, is “one of a kind.” He is super knowledgeable about the sport and the psychology that makes a swimmer and competitor to the competition. I have known Jeff for over six years, and with experience of working with my own daughter, he has the “it” factor in producing swimmers to the next level.
Jeff works with swimmers in and out of the pool with tools like DISC, 12 Driving Forces, and EQ scores, which leads his athletes to understand themselves better. Jeff takes the time and energy to reach his athletes with new techniques, new knowledge-based material, and then also the motivational talks about goals and how athletes can be responsible for the outcomes themselves. Working on strength in and out of the water with mind, body, and spirit makes a “Total Athlete,”; and Jeff provides that.
Jeff Kincaid is a dedicated coach and mindful that each swimmer or athlete is different. He stays informed of the latest ways to have each child grow in confidence while working hard and having FUN. Jeff knows that you must coach the “WHOLE” athlete to get the results.