What is your Purpose?

Does your current mission and vision statement accurately support the purpose and drive of your business? Read the article: 3 Big Reasons Why Purpose Leads to Profits to help you better answer this question! Article: https://www.inc.com/andrew-thomas/3-big-reasons-why-purpose-leads-to-profits.html When you are finished with the article, please take a moment to respond to our poll by sharing your answers …

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M. Winn

As a parent of an athlete who is also a high functioning Aspergers child, it has been challenging to find a coach who will take the time to learn my child and what makes him work. Communication is hard for a child with Aspergers, and while my child is high functioning, this too was his …

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K. Nunez

DISC helped me to understand myself better such that I was able to succeed better as an athlete, student, and as a person. I got to see firsthand things that I could do better to help myself succeed more in all aspects of my life. Some of the things DISC showed me I already knew, …

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