About Kincaid Consulting

About Jeff

Jeff is a trained certified analyst through TTi Success Insights in the following courses for the delivery of assessments, debriefing, and coaching in behaviors (DISC), motivators (12 Driving Forces), EQ or Emotional Quotient (Emotional Intelligence); and, Leadership Training in The Prioritized Leadership Masterclass Suite. “I take personal and professional development very seriously and spend a great deal of my personal investment developing and honing skills for the benefit of my clients and people whom I work within many areas.  Individual growth leads to change, understanding, and improvement in all of our relationships and though nothing is rarely perfect in our world we can always strive to be the best at understanding ourselves and others for a better life”

  • TTI Success Insights – DISC Certified
  • TTI Success Insights – 12 Driving Forces® Certified
  • TTI Success Insights – Emotional Quotient™ Certified
  • TTI Success Insights – The Prioritized Leader Masterclass Certified

Why Choose Jeff

Life experiences in the business industry and sports coaching showed many similarities to modern business warrior through the battles and challenges we all face. The turning point began with a chance meeting with famous speaker Zig Zigler at a sales and motivational conference where Zig said, “if you just help enough people get what they want, you’ll receive the blessings and things you seek.” With the mix of coaching sports and being in business for over 35 years, Jeff has always found self-development and continuous improvement necessary to grow and solve problems. Jeff resides in Poquoson, Virginia, with his wife of 30 years and has three (3) adult children Joseph, Elizabeth, and Katelyn.


Inspire and build strong leaders who understand themselves, their people, and their connections in solving related business challenges.


  • Provide value and resources in growing people’s first cultures, training initiatives, behavioral change, and understanding motivational why’s.
  • Implement a growth culture in individuals and companies seeking change and continual self–improvement is the highest standard in bridging toward a better future.
  • Accomplish this mission with others.

Other Certifications

  • 2020 –  Jon Gordon Coach Training Program
  • 2021 – The Power Of Positive Leadership.  The overlapping visions help individuals and companies create positive change through strong leadership initiatives and continued learning. 

TTI Success Partnership

Jeff Kincaid of Kincaid Consulting has partnered with TTI Success Insights® (TTI SI) since 2019 and specializes in personal development assessments for student-athletes, their parents, and coaches. When the triangle is complete, and all three are on the same page with communication, behavioral styles, motivation, and Emotional Intelligence, the uptick in athlete performance grows exponentially. Parents have more trust with the coaches to develop their children for long-term success. Athletes appreciate the coach more because he knows them entirely as a person and has tools to create a well-rounded student/athlete in today’s ever-changing environment. The coach has a new perspective and respect for the parent support system and can lead them through all the growth phases needed for individualistic and high-level success.

TTI SI believes all people have unique talents and skills of which they are often unaware, and exists to reveal and harness those talents into performance for the good of individuals and organizations alike

For over 30 years, TTI SI has created and distributed a suite of assessments that have stood the test of time and continue to help leaders place people in the right jobs, develop talent and build winning teams. TTI SI assessments are at work in Fortune 1000 companies worldwide and have provided results for more than 100,000 companies over the years.

TTI SI’s research into five dimensions of superior performance are measured by our research-based assessments, which analyze:

  • Behaviors
  • Motivators
  • Acumen
  • Competencies
  • Emotional Intelligence

With a tenacious, innovative culture, TTI SI transforms potential to productivity, performance and profits. Every 27 seconds, someone is taking a TTI SI assessment to increase their self-awareness and grow their career. For more information, visit www.ttisi.com and @TTI_SI.